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The Truth Is Out Where???
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What's the most annoying TV advert?

For me (at the moment at least) it has to be that advert for fitted kitchens - I can't remember the company (I think it's MFI or Homebase or something), but it's the advert were people are argueing and fighting in what looks like their own kitchen.

But then the camera zooms out and a salesman walks in and tell them what's included.

Can't stand that advert.

Any more I'm not thinking off
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Sand Dab
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Well this one went down well with Forum members:

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Proper nawty geezer
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Vauxhall... C'MON!
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the loan advert with the geordie woman going dads found ya scoootah
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Guest 36057
It's a Clea thing
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The adverts for accident claims. The two that get on my wick are the one where the guy uses the wrong ladder and slides down the wall like a complete plonker and dislocates his shoulder and the one where the fork lift reverses in to the guy, what with them and the woman slipping on the wet floor, I don't know which is the worst.
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Originally Posted by new View Post
Well this one went down well with Forum members:


Surely it would win a "Worst thing ever on TV in the history of mankind" award

that said, I do like this version

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Awight geezers! Lager, birds, metrosexual stylings innit! "Everyone knows a bloke like Mickey"
For "bloke" read "****".
I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW MUCH I HATE THIS ******* ADVERT AND THE ******* **** WHO PLAYS "Mickey the gimp".
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I don't like the one for Currys (I think), where a woman, a regular guy, and a geeky tech guy are in some kind of hi-tech tower, deciding how to make Currys better. And they decide to make lots of things cheaper so customers get better deals. Then the woman and the regular guy flirt with each other, and the geeky tech guy feels like a loser.

I'm sure that's exactly how Currys excecutive board meetings work. Probably true about geeky tech guys though.
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Any of the Debt Consolidation Ads or the "Had an accident?" ones.

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The wee guy on the toilet seat talking about how the bog roll is "all gone, it's all gone!!"

What happens if you pour Dettol into a Yakult???
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OMG! it's full of stars!
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Originally Posted by boonspoon View Post
The wee guy on the toilet seat talking about how the bog roll is "all gone, it's all gone!!"

Take a closer look at the ad:

1. the mom must be able to read minds (Or hear thoughts)

2. The boy must be adopted
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Dr Sexy
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Any mobile phone/bank/car advert involving amazing CGI, Michael Gambon/Bill Nighy saying something "profound" and an obscure folk track playing in the background.
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charlie angel
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Diamond Car Insurance ads make me shudder.
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The latest batch of Strongbow ones make me switch over
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Guest 23929
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I was going to say the Strongbow ones.

What's it trying to say?

To me, it just says - In every pub, you'll only ever see one person drinking Strongbow and they're completely oblivious to whats going on around them?

thats probably true, but not the way they mean it.


David Stubbs
Saturday May 12, 2007
The Guardian

It's not that the new Strongbow ad is particularly remarkable in itself. Bloke and two mates go into pub, mates order predictable lager while he orders a Strongbow, whose first sip transports him into a frozen, hermetic world of sheer refreshment, leaving him momentarily oblivious to his mates, the charity collection and even to the footy on the big screen. As adverts go, it's pretty drab.
But what is interesting is the complex set of both politically correct and prejudiced rulings from which this ad, as well as the current Guinness one, evolved. Four blokes in a pub? No. Looks like a hooligan gang. Two blokes? No, no, no! Not that there's anything wrong with it, but Strongbow's not that sort of pint. One bloke? No. A loser. Probably got a book. Gotta be three blokes. Two blokes and a girl? Bloke and two girls? Too much implication of ménage ŕ trois. Three girls? No. Too much implication of knickers round ankles at two in the morning in the town square, doubled over and urinating into a gutter. When it comes to women and pints, Al Murray's glass of white wine for the ladies holds unironically true in adland. No, it has to be three blokes, blokes who like doing it with women so long as the "it" isn't social drinking. Three white blokes? No. A bit BNP nowadays. Two white blokes and a bear in a pork pie hat? Too retro. Three black blokes? Now steady on. Two black blokes and a white bloke? Not being funny or nothing, but what would the white bloke be doing there?

So, it's settled then - two white blokes and a black bloke, going down the pub to get completely and utterly, well and truly "refreshed".


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Guest 51185
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Originally Posted by Ravioli View Post
The latest batch of Strongbow ones make me switch over
Me too!!!
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Guest 320
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I love the Picture Loan. Asking for 25k to bail out their dire financial situation without a care in the world. And not even knowing what the repayments will be or even how much she wanted in the first place! Just squander away the kids inheritence luv.
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That Budweiser ad where the ***** are dragging things behind them.
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Without question there was a advert that I just could not bear to watch and HAD to turn over channels as if my life depended on it!

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Guest 21014
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Have to agree with soome of these but the one that really gets me is the Injury Lawyers 4 U one. The tone of the woman speaking just annoys me so much, calm down dear it's only a commercial!!
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