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Can someone explain the new customs and vat rules on imports please!

I'm now confused about what is charged and at what level when importing goods from the likes of Amazon.com etc.
In a thread in the bargain forum (about amazon.com deals) I posted in response to someone pointing out that the customs threshold rises from £18 to £105 on Monday:
Originally Posted by Richie View Post
Yes but VAT is still payable over £18 so it changes nothing, plus you'll still get walloped with the "handling fee" that's the biggest rip-off of all time.
Have I misunderstood completely because this was then posted:
Originally Posted by Dogbreath View Post
Not true. You won't pay import duty on goods up to £100, and since VAT is charged on top of import duty you pay less VAT as well.
I thought I understood the changes but do I? From my point of view I only really import dvd sets and the like but sometimes there are those that will never be under the £18 rate but will certainly be under the new £105 rate, will I get walloped or not if I purchase those?
Thanks if anyone can just lay it out straight!
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Threshold for DUTY is raised to £105.

Charges applied as follows: duty applied to the goods (and delivery if over £18). That gives a new total. VAT then applied on top of that.

So what Dogbreath is saying is that you will not have to pay duty under £105, and since VAT is applied on top of that, the amount of VAT will drop.

But you will still have to pay VAT on anything over £18 so you are still going to get spanked. Just a slightly milder tickling than before.
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Ah thank you!
So to avoid any charges (plus those pesky evil handling fees) I still need to keep items ordered under £18 basically, which is what I thought!
Many thanks!
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I've just posted in that thread.

Dogbreath in this case is talking out of his harris.

As the duty on DVD/CD is 3.5% you'd need to spend £200 to attract import duty in the first place as anything below £7 is waived anyway.

Basically this new limit can only affect orders upto £100 that contains items which attract more than 7% duty (clothes basically) and as said the £18 VAT limit and RM/Courier handling fee still apply so not a lot saved really..

Duty Rates for Common Internet Goods

It's like a leadless pencil - pointless.

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Thanks, Baps! Most helpful!
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