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Adventures in Smart Speakers

Apple Fanboy but Homepod has an outdated CPU and is £199-£279 each.

As with these things you end up with Stereo Pairs.

I have a big 15m long room, bedroom at one end, TV space at the other.
So 2 zones really.

So ram raided Amazon's Echo 3rd Generation Echos at £49.99 each while on offer.

Bough a test pair and tried them in a Stereo Pair.
Linked it up with Apple Music.
Put these in Zone 1 of the room.

The quality is more than acceptable for £50 a pop.

Bought a 2nd Pair and configured as a separate Stereo Pair (so 4 speakers).
Put these in Zone 2 of the room.

Then joined Zone 1 and Zone 2 as the preferred speaker output.

It was a total arse to setup, however sounds amazing and cheaper than 1 Homepod.

Tips: Disable all but 1 of the Microphones.
Observations: They need good WIFI (distance from router etc)
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