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Soundbar advice please

I want to get an inexpensive simple soundbar for our bedroom TV-BD setup but do not know what to look for and need advice. It is an older system and as we have 2 other proper Home Cinema systems, we are not looking to upgrade the bedroom setup in a hurry.

The setup consists of:

1. TV with 3 HDMI connections
2. BD player with HDMI and Optical Out
3. Sky Box with HDMI and Optical out

I have seen a Soundbar in Maplins at Ł99.99 which has 1 HDMI in and 1 Optical input. When I explained my predicament to the shop assitant, he suggested trying the following connections:

BD player to TV via HDMI
Skybox to TV via HDMI
TV to Soundbar via HDMI.

The only problem with that arrangement as I see it is that if we want to play an audio CD on the BD player through the soundbar, we have to have the TV on. I thought I could get around this problem by having an additional Optical connection between the BD player and the soundbar. With that arrangement CDs should play fine bypassing the TV but when I play BDs or DVDs, will the dual audio connection produce an abnormal sound or will HDMI simply bypass the Optical connection?

I have not examined the system in detail but the shop guy said that the soundbar's (separate) subwoofer had no selector. I am not sure he is right.

Can someone advice please?
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