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Spider-man and his Amzing Friends and other classic animated series coming to DVD!

I was browsing Amazon.co.uk and noticed these where being released:

Spider-man & His Amazing Friends

90's X-Men animated series

Will definitely be ordering these!

There are a few others as well, just a shame the 90s series of Spider-man isn't one of them.

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Yay! loved spidey and his amzing friends!
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I'm looking forward to the R1 release later this year of the 60's DC Filmation set featuring Green Lantern,Flash,Aquaman etc with possibly some Justice League too...

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I was 16 when Spiderman and his Amazing Friends was first on. I used to skip lessons at my local college to catch the latest episode. We didn't have a vcr then

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Yes used to love Spider-man and his Amazing friends as a kid. This was the best Spider-man cartoon that there has been for me.
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The was an episode that had some of the x-men in too, that episode was amazing!
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Loved Spiderman and his amazing friends, best marvel cartoon ever! And that firestar was hot stuff!
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