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Surround Speaker Placement

For many many years I have had success with my rear speakers on speaker stands placed next to me when I sit. This has one problem which is the right speaker is next to the door to the room (I sit opposite the door). It means I have to keep moving the speaker and hide it away and then bring it out each time I want to use them.

I am in the middle of redecorating the room and want to place the speakers elsewhere. However due to the door, choices are limited and just have two. I can either have the speaker in front of me next to the door, but it would be higher than my sitting position and the sound will also be in front of me. The other choice is to have the speaker high up above the door (around six inches below the ceiling) and match the other speaker on the opposite wall. It will be above my head. Will this sound rubbish as it is so close to the ceiling? I won't be able to direct the speaker downwards. I would then hide the cables around the door frame and using a plastic strip on the other wall (same colour as the wall).
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Given that the rear surrounds are for ambient sound effects, I would lean towards your second option as being the best compromise in terms of position. You can then adjust the individual volume levels for each channel to cater for them being further away from you (- you may have to adjust the balance between left and right speaker as well). How affected they'll be placed so close to the ceiling does depend to some degree on the make/model of them as some are more directional than others for instance.

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The ideal rear speaker placement in a 5.1 setup is 1m behind you and placed just above your ear level.

So I agree, put them up higher.
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Thanks, I wouldn't be using my current speakers (B&W 2002's) as they are normal sized speakers and too big. I would probably use these instead from Argos. They will be used with a Sony STR-DB930 Amp connected to B&W 602 fronts and Elac Cinema XL centre.

They can't go behind me as I already sit next to the wall. It is trying to make the best use with a bedroom.
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