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If you like Massive attack you should really check out a band called "Border Crossing" the albums called ominous. It was given album of the month in DJ magazine a couple of months ago and one of the quote said "it's the album you wish massive attack had recorded after blue lines". So I took a chance on it and it really is excellent.
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I bought that as well beardb, and it is as good as you say.

Rae and Christian's stuff is also worth picking up IMO.

Sigur - agree about 1000Hz Legend. Very Floyd.
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Re: Air/Massive Attack

Originally posted by craig@rewind
I like Royksopp, Lemon Jelly, Groove Armada, The Avalanches, Daft Punk
congratulations, you've just successfully named all my favourite contemporary bands Air are also a favourite, i'm off to see them in Feb. cant wait.

As everyone has said, Airs 'Moon Safari', is brilliant but also check out the OST for Virgin Suicides. that's by them and it's a fantastic album.

cant really help you on the Massive Attack front, they've never really grabbed me.


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I got a 3pack of Massive Attack CD's for ~£10.50 from their website a while back. The Albums included are Blue Lines/Protection/Mezzanine.
.....bit of a bargain really!
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bit of a leftfield choice, but if you like Massive Attack's "Protection" its well worth picking up Everything But The Girls "Walking Wounded".

EBTG were massively (excuse the pun!) inspired by Tracey Thorn's vocal work on "Protection" and its quite similar in many ways, if less dark.
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