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cliff homewood
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90's Comics

If you asked me I'd say the 90s was probably the best decade for comics. But yesterday I found out that comics fans regard it as the worst. They call it the dark ages and Marvel went bankrupt in 1996.

However mainstream comics fans annoy me as there is far more to comics than just superheroes and from my memory Marvel were churing out tat in the 90s, just bunging out collections and calling them graphic novels to exploit this new comics for adults phenomenon.

However their was one great Marvel comic in the 90s - Marvels

From my perspective all the best writers created some of their best, if not definitive, work in the 90s:

Alan Moore - From Hell
Frank Miller - Sin City (and Daredevil: the man without fear)
Grant Morrison - The Invisibles
Peter Milligan - Shade the Changing Man
Neil Gaiman - Sandman
Garth Ennis - Preacher
Kurt Buseik - Astro City (and Marvels)
Warren Ellis - Transmetropolitan
Michael J Straczynski - Rising Stars

We also had Hellblazer, Animal Man, Books of Magic, Spawn, the infinity wars, Deadpool, Hellboy, Starman, Bone, Strangers In Paradise, Joe Sacco's Palestine & art Spiegelman's Maus.

Now that maybe just my taste, but that is a hell of a list, and why i think of it as a golden age in comics. The actual silver/golden age had great imagination with all the great superheroes that carry on today having been created, but a lot of the writing is simplistic and thus for me not that readable. In the nineties the writing was mature and aimed at adults which I am, and thus as far as I'm concerned it has to be the best decade, these days I hardly hear of one classic let alone the several I have just listed.
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