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Steve Jackson
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Kickstarter board games thread

Torf started a thread the other day about a new game on Kickstarter called Harbour, so I thought I'd gauge interest and start a dedicated thread for discussing and recommended new games asking for funding.

Queen Games are back on Kickstarter again after recently pulling their Escape: Curse of the Temple digital port campaign which I thought was a shame as I was really looking forward to seeing how they handled it. Much better to pull it if they thought they wouldn't be able to do it justice than taking all that money and released a bug-filled, half-assed port though of course.

Anyway, their new project is Escape: Zombie City. The theme is great and it looks like an improved and refined variation of the already excellent E:COTT. I really want to back it, but it is a little expensive for a light game that plays in just 15 minutes, especially after factoring in shipping to the UK, which can be a stumbling block with a lot of Kickstarter games. If it is priced the same as E:COTT when it eventually hits retail, it will end up a fair bit cheaper to simply wait and buy it once released generally. So, £46 now or a possible £25-30 later? But zombies. Gah! EDIT: I've just caved and back it.

I'm also not too fond of established companies using Kickstarter like this. Surely they have the resources to fund it already instead of asking inflated versus eventual retail costs now to get the game into print.

The second game I want to mention isn't on Kickstarter yet, but will be later in the year. It's called 27th Passenger: A Hunt On Rails and a prototype of it has just been reviewed by Michael Fox on the Little Metal Dog website and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. It's a murder deduction game that turns into a real bloodbath because as well as hunting the killer, you're also being hunted yourself and players end up bumping each other off as the game progresses. Assuming it isn't stupidly priced, I'll certainly be backing this one.
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