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cliff homewood
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advice on the Kodi youtube app

Have seen the official thread on the kodi forum but it is like 65 pages long and not sure how helpful they are on that particular bugbear.

So my question is, I know occasionally you have to do youtube.com/activate on the app, but mine seems to go in that cycle forever, I think i've entered 6 activation codes in a row before now, have since discovered that if I just enter 4 (i'm not sure how many times you are meant to have to do it, 2 or 3) and then press cancel the app then works.

Had this the other day, and the message said it was to do with kodi #3. Fine then the next day I had to activate it again this time for kodi #4.

Now I don't use it that much, just ocassionally but sometimes I will try to use it only to get the exceeded your limit message. Or error message and I can't even access the app.

I am using an android tv box with 5.2.2 I believe (still says 5.2.1 but been told this is a thing and my box is meant to auto update) running kodi jarvis.

I know on the official threads there's a load of code to do which just seems beyond me. Not even sure how/if you can enter editing code on an android tv box. But they also say the latest release is meant to get around this issue? And what is it with all these different Kodi numbers each time I have to activate, has my youtube accidentally duplicated or something or is it jsut to do with how the app works?
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