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Alone in the Atlantic
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Which authors have you read all their books?

So as the title, which authors have you read all their books and was it a worthwhile experience or was it a chore by the end?

I'm a big fan of a number of authors, but can't think of that many I've actually read all their books. I'd guess there are really a number, but I'd say limit it to authors with ten or more books.

I mean I've read all the Harry Potter books and those two she did for Comic Relief, but I've not bothered with her adult stuff.

Off the top of my head I'd say it was John Grisham and Michael Connolly, I went through a phase of getting them all from the library and I've read every one. I love Bill Bryson but I know I've not read Mother Tongue.

I liked all the Michael Connolly books, not really read much crime before and I liked all the John Grisham, although a couple didn't seem to go anywhere and I even read the Theodore Boon series, which are for kids but I find the main character a little irritating.

I like a number of authors, just haven't got round to reading them all.

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You've read all of mine!

Clive Barker for me (well his novels anyway, not read plays etc), apart from the latest which is still on my shelf for some reason. Most of his work I love, and there's no finer world builder imo when he's on top form. That said, there have been a few misses of recent times, and his writing pace rivals GRRM for slowness. Still waiting for Abarat 4 there Clive!
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The Bear
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I've read all of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series and the one he did with Neil Gaiman. I've not bothered with his more children friendly books though.

I had read all of James Herbert's in my teens but haven't kept up with them since.
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Stagger Lee
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Probably the only one I've read everything is Dick Francis
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cliff homewood
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Was about to say people like J.D. Salinger where they had only written one novel, but you nipped that in the bud, and further investigation Salinger has other books out but all short story collections I believe.

AS a kid Was a big fan of James Herbert since the rats was handed around in class, so read every one until the Magic Cottage, but after that they started to feel a bit formula so stopped. Also read Creed in later life.

Then my new favourite author became Alan Moore and read all of his stuff up to 1963, and still now mostly up to date with his comics, but he has since written a novel, Jerusalem, which I have yet to read.

Alan Moore did stuff of top quality must reads (V for Vendetta, Watchmen, From Hell etc) but also did stuff that to me reads as if it was written for the pay cheque (Wildcats for instance and the for-mentioned 1963 which got great reviews but left me cold and probably what kicked me out of Moore subsequently) they are quite generic as if by another writer. (Have probably read nearly everything by Garth Ennis, haven't check recently to see if he has pumped anymore out).

Then went onto Harlan Ellison, was was my last favourite, but he is a short story specialist, although he has two novels, which I own but have not read (Spider Kiss & Web of the city), but my favourite book is the Essential Ellison, which is how I got into him as it was reduced at my local comic shop. The bought and read most of the Edgeworks (multiple volume collection of all his works, which eventually alas stopped. Again with Ellison once I read all of his best stuff the rest doesn't hold up to that high standard, he is however a great talker and autobiographic writer. One of his best pieces (All the Bird's Come home to roost) I think benefits from the knowledge his first marriage was horrendous.

So no not read any author all the way through, however maybe in childhood, possibly read all of Enid Blyon's for instance, I devoured all I coudl find as a kid, Famous Fives, Secret Sevens etc. But too young to know whether their were books that weren't widely available in the 70s which I may not have seen.

Also read all the winnie the pooh stories, Mr. Men etc and the chronicles of Narnia (but yet to read OUt of the Silent PLanet, CS Lewis's SF) and read all of Douglas Hill I could find (Legionnaire quartet and a build your own adventure type book).

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Alone in the Atlantic
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Enid Blyton/ She did hundreds of books, did you read Jinks, Feefo and Tuppeny? Or the Faraway Tree series? Or all the Noddy books?

I think for some authors it marks you out as a superfan, that being said it's not that much effort, I can order books online through the library and failing that you pay Ł1.82 on Amazon for a battered paperback.

I quite like thrillers and read quite a few Ken Follett books, nowhere near read them all though, he's been pretty prolific over the years. Likewise with Frederick Forsyth, I probably couldn't even remember some of them.
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Quite cross right now
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Only writer I read every book he wrote is Terry Pratchett, even his Long Earth books. Every other author I was an avid reader of, the likes of James Herbert, Stephen King, Clive Barker I lost interest in and stopped reading at some point.
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Vince Donald
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James Clavell, most several times. (Shogun, Noble House etc)
David Eddings, at least twice. (The Belgariad, The Mallorean, etc)

Favourite book is Noble House.

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If I like an author I do tend to read all their books but then they go into teen lit (like Kathy reichs) so I don't bother with that series. I have read all the Agatha Christie novels and plays.
With all others there are bound to be some offshoot I have not read (Bill Bryson's history of the universe bored me by chapter 8) though uk chick lit writers are probably better at sticking to one genre so probably lots of them I have read all 8 or 9 books they have written (and then they blow it by giving up " modern London lass finds love" for a book about the war!)
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Rude Mechanical
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Nice idea for a thread!

I don't think I've read every novel by the following but these are authors who I always read their latest, but usually one behind if you know what I mean:

Peter Carey
John Irvine
Russell Hoban (although rip - still have a few to catch up on though)

Iain M Banks' scifi stuff I have read all of. Also all of Lawrence Durrell bar The Dark Labyrinth.

Can't say any of these have become a chore; I was going a similar way with Murakami but his last two have been a chore to read and I may stop.

I'm also working my way slowly through all of Hardy and Conrad; hope to do all of Dickens but that is a long, long plan!
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Lee Child and Tom Clancy I think, although may have missed a couple of the short / quick reads

At one point it was James Patterson before he did three books every 2 days and back when Nana Mama was only a 103

Oh and Andy McNab, I think I might be Alan Partridge
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William Gibson springs instantly to mind. The plots are almost inconsequential but each novel is a vivid stroll through a beautiful conceptualised world.

David Gemmell also although he did start to churn out the same old stuff at some point.
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The Falklands are British
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Terry Pratchett - what else to say.
Harry Harrison - just a legend of comedy SF writing.
Duncan Falconer ex SBS member who has a fantastic autobiography and some thrillers he's written.
Douglas Adams - pure genius
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cliff homewood
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Gibson reminded me Jeff Noon is one I'm almost there on for novels just nymphamaton to go, although I gave up on his ALice book as I didn't get on with it, so would that still count? Guessing not as didn't read it all.
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Originally Posted by barrynorton View Post
Harry Harrison - just a legend of comedy SF writing.
His SSR stuff is superb, as is the Bill the Galactic Hero series. The To the Stars trilogy and Deathworld series I wouldn't class as comedy. He's written a few others I've not read that also were hard SF.
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Lee Child
Alex Kava
Vince Flynn

Like the writing style of all those three, working through Scott Mariani's books at the moment http://www.scottmariani.com/books.html will probably read all his before long
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