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RTD must have been watching Rimmer World when he scripted part I
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So the greatest timelord of them all, Rassilon, is a ******* nutter
Omega must be royaly ****** off

Edit: Unless this is a different Rassilon

Edit: What a load of fan wankery

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At least Tom Baker had the good grace to drop deap when he fell 30 feet off that pilon. 2 miles from orbit and 50million rads seem to give you a few months!

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"His name is Alonso" RTD just couldn't resist could he.

Was thoroughly enjoying it until this naff long goodbye routine. Would have been so much better if the new Dr had uncurled from the bottom of the booth after the old Dr collapsed saving Wilf.
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What was expected really.

But Cribbins was AWESOME.

I didn't like you very much when I met you and now I like you even less.

The Wonder Stuff

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Just terrible.
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A lot of that was painful to watch bar a few scenes
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I thought that was awesome, cracking episode.

Stephen Hawking Dr Who made me laugh.

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Utterly dreadful.

If you want to see a proper final episode for a Doctor watch Caves of Androzani part 4.
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Actually thought that was very good - much better than the first part. Liked the "chin" bit too.

Was watching about a minute behind and the humax recording cut out just as the new logo came up - was there a preview of the next series?
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I thought it was fine. Or rather I thought the last 15 minutes were fine.

Seeing all these people and struggling to hold on tie into Tennants Dr, so it made sense to me. It did seem like a bit too much though, where there's all that singing at the end. I felt it would've been better had he got into the Tardis and collapsed then.

One thing I did like though was when he thought he was fine and you hear Cribbins tap on the window. It was really well executed and very well acted by Tennant.
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I wish Doctor Who was an american series. Each season set over 24 episodes, with 1 long arc. That time lord plot had such potential but was ended pretty much as soon as it started :/
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Much better than part 1, I'm not sure if that is praise or not. Seemed a lot more toned down in the hectic side of things though RTD did just rip off virtually every sci-fi cliche in the book. I'm still not getting who the woman timelord was and there didn't seem to be any mystery around Cribbins at all, thought he as going be revealed as some timelord or something at one stage. And I also liked the 4 knocks on the glass bit, that was nicely done.

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As with the Triffids, There is just something I really don't understand these days about things like this made by the BBC.

They kinda seem to feel they need to make everything into an EPIC full of human tradegy and emotion.

Is it just not possible to have a "Normal" story like we used to have?

If I was a kid now I'd be bored out of my brain and gone off to watch something else or back on my Playstation.

As an Adult now, I can sit through and enjoy things that are a slower pace and would bore a modern child, but jebus, even I'm watching these things and thinking can't we just make a episode without needing it to be made into a mini epic feature film.

Perhaps that's my problem these days with all these shows, they can't just seem to put together an interesting story and leave it all that.
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Tony Danza
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Well I thought that Tennant and Cribbins were brilliant. Tennant in particular made that a very watchable finale. He took a load of twaddle and frickin emoted the crap out of it.. good job sir. Good job!

His last word was "go" wasn't it? Last letter an o
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the new doctor, john merrick but without the charm.
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So what exactly happened to The Master? Is he dead? Gone back into the Vortex with the other Timelords?
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From Iain Lee's Twitter: So he saves a couple of lives and fixes John Barrowman up with a bumming. Doctor Who has changed since my day.
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Quite angry
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No, no, no, no!!

Horrible trash! Words fail me. I will admit though to having a slight lower lip wobble when he said "I don't want to go" but then thought, oh please do so RTD will sod off.

But - as soon as Matt Smith appeared there was a glimmer of hope. The old style was back. Nice to see the Tardis getting wrecked ready for the refurb.
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Trailer for the next series here
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