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Children's historical/fantasy books (what I wrote)

Many years ago, I was a regular lurker on this forum, and remember when forum member bollecks (Robert Muchamore) announced that he had got a deal to get his first book published - I was both impressed and envious!

I was thinking about those times recently, because I've just had my second book published:

The Beast on the Broch

It's a children's adventure set in Pictish times, with family drama, cultural conflict, a Viking attack, and a mythical dragon-like beast. Based on genuine history - apart from the beast!

My first book, a WWI maritime spy thriller, again for children, came out last year:

The Wreck of the Argyll

Back when Rob made his announcement, it seemed like an impossible dream - but somehow it came true. It took me a very, very long time to find a publisher; and then my first publisher, Cargo, went under right around the time my book was published, so I had to start again. While Cranachan isn't a major operator, it is a small, independent publisher - it's not self-publishing, which was always an option.
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Congratulations. It's a hard slog getting a book written in the first place and to get it published must be a great feeling.

Inspired by some recent activity on these forums (Taq and Wowbagger), I got back to writing my book (a YA mystery) that I left alone a few years ago. I'm hard at it and finished the first draft of the first half this weekend.
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Children's author
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Yeah, it's definitely a long hard slog. And it's a long game, with lots of dead ends - I didn't get a book published until I'd completed my fifth novel manuscript. No words are wasted though, as it's all a learning experience. And I eventually rewrote my fourth novel into my second published book.

The trick is to keep going!
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