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eBooks for Dummies

See that I did there?

I have just got an iPad (oooh shiney makes it all better) and am getting my head around eBooks etc, I have seen the native iOS iBooks and I assume using this method will mean I can only buy books from iTunes, which on first glace seems to be more expensive than the likes of Amazon, so that would mean I would have to use the Kindle route, there is an app for both my iPad and MacBook and I assume books are tied to the account not the device so I can view them on both?!

Also someone mentioned (I think it was Gentile) that they have a lot of their technical books, white papers etc on their eReader, I assume the Kindle app can handle PDF's etc? But is it possible to load up eBooks from other sources into a single repository, if so is Kindle the best for this or is there something else.

Anything else I need to know
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if you download an ebook manager ( calibre is the one i use ).

then you can manage all your books in there - independant of 'type'.

you can also use it to convert all books to one or the other ( or many other if you want! ) ebook formats...

so you could pop in a ton of kindle books , and convert them to be read in Ibooks... or vice versa..

also, you can set calibre up to serve out it's library over your home network - meaning you dont have to sync and add via itunes... you can pull them straight out of your library onto your ipad.

great bit of software.....

also... try the mobileread forums too...!
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A second vote for Calibre, it's great but will only convert non - drm books unless you know what you're doing.

I was a big Kindle fan, still am but for indoor reading I love the kindle app on ipad now, which opens up two pages from a book if you read it landscape and feels more natural.

It's a really clever app too, once you download a book to your ipad from amazon, amazon then asks if you want to open it on the ipad and the app simply opens there with the book you've bought.
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I also use Kndle for iPad but there are times when I find it useful being able to read my Kindle books on my PC as well.
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Use my Kindle for reading these days apart from late at night when the wife's trying to sleep. Then I use the Kindle app on my phone with white text on black background on dimmest setting, so I don't need the light on.
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I have an original iPad, but preferred my Sony 500 series reader which I stupidly sold just before getting the iPad.... But have just got a kindle fire which when released over here I suspect will be a great seller!

Much more book sized and I don't mind using it on the train, not sure why but never liked using the iPad on the train...
my feedback thread...

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