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Miami Vice - We want more!

Since october 2001, Universal Playback have only released 2 DVD's of this classic tv series. I want help putting together an online petition for more R2 Miami Vice. Anyone know where to begin, or if there is more Miami Vice on the way?
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Start a petition for Hill Strreet Blues and I'll sign it..

SIT DOWN HAIRBAG!!!!!!!!!111111

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After each release of the previous two discs, I e-mailed Universal Playback, communicate@unistudios.com, to emplore a release of complete seasons of Miami Vice (Season 1 = 22 episodes, 2 = 22, 3 = 24, 4 = 22, 5 = 21).

I am wondering if this is the plan as the third wave of 'TV classics' is out and...no Miami Vice. Or it could be that it has been shelved completely - I'm hoping it's the former.
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