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Cannot load webpages when logged in to Google account

This just started today and I cannot work out why or how to fix it. When logged into my Google account in Chrome (on a laptop), no websites will load. There is no error message, just the spinning circle to indicate it is doing something.

I tried using Microsoft Edge and that worked fine, could browse websites and login to Gmail. But then Edge prompted me to import settings from Chrome (including google account) and I clicked yes. Then Edge wouldn't load any websites either! If I choose to browse as a guest in Edge or incognito in Chrome then I can load websites.

Something must be wrong in my Google account but I have no idea what. I don't want to go resetting things at random.

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Works fine for me.

Sign out of the website and back in? Sign out/in Google? Clear google's cookies?
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Do you have Adblock plus extension? If so try and disable it.
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I would remove any chrome extensions
Uninstall/Re-install Chrome
Set the start page to something like bbc.co.uk
if nothing else works see what firefox does.
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