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Originally Posted by aliman5000 View Post
It’s worth a try at least, otherwise mini boxes can be connected via powerline too.

But, technically, them all being connected by Powerlines ( or Cat6 cable ) should be no different to 1 of them being wired to a router and the others having a WiFi connection to that same router
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Yep, main box via power line, mini Wi-Fi to main box.

I think even when you connect the mini to the router Wi-Fi, it then ignores that and connects directly to the main box.

BT router btw.

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It has almost been a month since I switched to powerline adapters and it has worked very well thus far for 2 of the 3 mini-boxes.

Before that, the Wi-Fi signal kept dropping in all 3 mini-boxes so frequently that it was rare to be able to watch a 2-hour movie without an image freeze (the hardwired main box worked fine, of course). Several reboots, talked-through system scans and 2 engineer visits were in vain. They even gave me a free booster; both this and the main Sky Broadband Hub (my main router) kept showing 3 green lights all the time and yet the 'connectivity problem' errors kept happening.

So I fitted 3 Devolo 1200+ Powerline Adapters to all 3 ini-boxes and disabled their wifi function at the same time. This immediately resolved the connection issue in 2 of the 3 mini-boxes but in the third, the Devolo kept flashing a red light. I could not understand this till the electrician told me that the plugs on that room had to be routed through another mains because of the layout of cabling in the flat. So, it was working like an extension rather than mains/mains. I removed the Devolo and re-enabled the Wi-fi for that one room and this sorted the problem completely.

So, for the past 3 weeks I have had the Sky Main box hardwired to the router, 2 mini-boxes on powerline adapters with the wifi disabled and one mini-box on wifi. Everything has worked like a proverbial peach, even with the max 3 TVs on Sky.
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Aye. Powerlines only work if the plug is on the same ring main as the router plug.
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