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Noise Cancelling Headphones recommendation please.

Hopefully this is the correct place to post this, if not please feel free to move.

My current set up is an old B&W Zeppelin speaker system with my old 30 pin iPod classic connected to it. I also have a MAC air loaded with all my music on iTunes.

During this current lockdown my neighbours teenage son has discover a love of basketball which he plays constantly in the enclosed courtyard behind my flat...the constant thud of the ball has become a form of torture now and is even worse now he has 2 mates who pop over and play in the evenings. Turning the TV or music up helps but you can still hear the odd thud (or maybe I’m just sensitive to it)

I’ve thought of upgrading the speakers and iPod to something more modern and buying some Bluetooth wireless noise cancelling headphones but that seems a big expense, option 2 is buying Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones and using the MAC, but that requires the MAC to be kept out and on all the time and normally it’s hidden away unless I need it, I don’t have space to keep it out continually. Option 3 is to buy some corded noise cancelling headphones but then I’m limited to movement etc.

I’ve seen Bluetooth receivers I can use for the Zeppelin but not a transmitter (is that possible?) Ideally I would like to buy an adaptor so I can keep the Zeppelin (it’s not the Air Model) and buy some wireless headphones.

Anyone got any ideas or recommendations please.

Edit. another option would be a Bluetooth transmitter that attaches directly to my iPod and wireless headphones. My iPod is an old one so not sure whether that would entirely work?

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