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Originally Posted by Shingster View Post
All I hope is that when society gets back on track, the really big event movies get a theatrical re-release of sorts. Something like Tenet will definitely lose something for going straight to VoD.

That will never happen because you can't have a cinema industry that only shows classics and independent films, because hardly anyone would actually go, and all the cinemas will go out of business in a heartbeat. You might have one of two cinemas in London and perhapsone cinema operating in the big cities like Manchester managing to scrape buy, but even that is doubtful.
That's what I meant by niche.

Maybe the odd mega blockbuster film could keep a few bigger cinemas going but... ?

Maybe they should show Netflix content to watch with friends over a beer.
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It was $19.99 to rent trolls?? Nah they can keep it.

I'd have thought it the longer term people might just wait. I know with NowTV most films I just wait, OK I'm 8 months behind everyone else but so what. If I am desperate I can rent or buy 16 weeks after release.
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