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Impulse - YouTube Original - Season 1 currently free

The Season 2 trailer was revealed over the weekend and they've made Season 1 free to watch this summer.

Season 1 Playlist

I watched it last year and it was easily one of the best TV shows I watched in 2018.
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Totally agree. It was a great little show & been very much looking forward to S2...
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The Bear
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I watched a few of S1 then stopped. Cheers, I'll have to catch up.
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worn to perfection
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Absolutely loved the first season, but hadn't heard anything new about it for ages & was starting to think they'd changed their minds about doing a season 2.

Very happy to be wrong. Roll on 'Fall 2019'.
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Same here. Thought season 1 was great, although I thought the whole first season was free when I watched it.
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Just found out this was cancelled - too bad as it was great
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Originally Posted by Apostate View Post
Just found out this was cancelled - too bad as it was great
Thats such a shame, I loved the 2 series they made, gutted
Just keep breathing
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Don't tell him, Pike
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Hadn't heard of it but am 3 episodes in and enjoying it (4k, free on YouTube).
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