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Streamer for parents

As it's Christmas Eve I thought I should start my Christmas shopping!

I'm considering getting some sort of basic streaming box for my parents, my Dad watches a fair amount of YouTube so something with YouTube support would be good, I also have a Netflix sub which I believe he would be able to use as well so support for that would be good. My dad also gets BT Sport as part of his internet package so if there are any boxes that support that, that might be useful. Beyond that anything else is non-essential, but standard stuff like iPlayer etc. would be good.

If it makes a difference, my dad has a basic Android phone so some integration with that would probably be good.

So, any suggestions?
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Chromecast would do all that.
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Roku 2, no messing around with pairing. Good simple interface, has option for ethernet as well as wifi.
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I use a Fire TV stick which I'm happy with (Netflix, Youtube and iPlayer apps are all available)
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You do know this is a year old thread?
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