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Amazon Echo £99.99 for Prime members (Limited Time, ends 16th Sept)

A new bargain has been posted to Tweals:

Amazon Echo £99.99 for Prime members (Limited Time, ends 16th Sept)

£50 discount for Prime members when you pre-order.

"The Offer is valid until 16 September 2016 at 5:00 p.m. or while supplies last, whichever is earlier."

Click HERE!

For more Tweals bargains visit http://www.tweals.co.uk or follow us on Twitter
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That's really tempting, but the reviews citing relatively weak sound quality are putting me off.
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I ordered one as I have Prime, I guess if I don't get on with it I'll get most of my £99 back if not more
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I was going to go for this, then decided to wait and get the Echo Dot in October for £50 (possibly cheaper if they do one of these Prime offers for that too) and attach it to an external speaker.
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The speaker is not bad at all given the form factor.
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