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Originally Posted by Dave B View Post
Didn't know that, Netflix is very hard to find information on. I can't even find what's available on it before subscribing.

Their website is a little scant, the service itself is quite nifty though. You can watch on loads of different devices. You can watch on their website itself, there are IOS/Android apps for phones and tablets, there are apps for streaming sticks like the Amazon fire stick, smart tvs and blu-rays often have it too as do consoles. The nice thing is that they all sync with each other, so you can start watching something on your streaming stick, and later on pick up your tablet and carry on from where you were.

They have a lot of tv content as well as films, it's generally older stuff and you don't get new releases on there. They do have their own content they produced themselves (some of which is very good, eg House of Cards). That suits me fine though, as long as they add new content faster than I can watch it I don't mind being a bit behind. I've got about 200 hours of content on my list which will keep me going for a while.

The best thing to do is sign up for a free trial to see if it suits you.
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Originally Posted by stephen View Post
It's jus a fill in service for people who can't get fast enough broadband. They will kill it off as on as they can.

I don't think its "fill in service with people with slow broadband", its something they don't really want but got with the LF takeover and never gave too much of a **** about. When its good, its excellent deal with new films via post and online streaming, far better than paying the rip off prices for one off d/l rental.

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Updated first post, cancelling Sky.


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