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Space Duck
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Loco Silly Question: Sony KDL50W705 50-inch - Optical Out

Okay so I used to be all technical when I worked in the public sector but then I moved to the private sector and now all I do is work... what's up with that? Anyway...

I got a new TV, I have an Xbox One and A PS4 but only one surround sound headset, sooooo if I were to jack that in to the TV would it pick up surround sound from the consoles? More than likely not but you never know with these new fangled TV's and systems.
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i don't see why not. i use the optical out on my LG for surround sound in stuff i play via usb. only one way to find out for sure...
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Isn't a jack lead 2 channel? do you mean jack or is that just a expression?
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