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Replacing existing projector

The buld in my projector has blown and I'm thinking it's not cost effective to replace the bulb (quoted ~£600 for new bulb) and so am thinking of a new projector. The existing PJ is the Domino 30 by Sim2, and is ceiling mounted approx 115" from a screen that measures 59"W x 34"H. The seats are underneath the PJ so 115" away from the screen. Can anyone recommend a new PJ, up to ~£1000, that will basically take the exact same location as the existing one? The setup was professionally done so I don't know about throw ratios and distances. I'm looking at the Optoma HD141X but I am not sure the throw ratio would make the image fit onto the existing screen, or would it? Help please!
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I've just bought the HD50 - I did have a review model (review incoming) and liked it so much that I bought one. That and the HD36 have been really good so I imagine the 141X will be impressive too.
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Thanks, the reviews seem really good, it's just whether or not it'll fit into my existing setup. If I've done the calculations correctly the projected image will be too big for my screen, but I'm hoping for some input from someone who knows more than me
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Not sure if you've seen this already but its a throw calculator.


Hope it helps.
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