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Originally Posted by bumfrog View Post
it's not about bandwdith though, it's about licensing and more importantly tv licensing, especially the BBC. If you open that all up, there's not much point in the TV license any more.
Originally Posted by stephen View Post
tvplayer and tvcatchup both manage to get around that and stream freeview, so you'd think freeview themselves would be able to do it. Why is a stream any different to terrestrial/satellite broadcasting a channel?
Those TVCatchup apps have had what they can broadcast dramatically cut back following adverse court decisions taken by ITV etc in recent years. They now only have the 5 public service channels 1 to 5 plus BBC and other minor stuff, but not the commercial spinoffs like ITV2 which appear on Freeview, or the Sky channels like Pick and Challenge. This is because the public service ones have to be freely available the others can be restricted by their owners, on who can screen them.

This is why ITV have put on their ITV Player app live streams of ITV 1 to 4 for free they used to charge a monthly subscription for 3 & 4. Sky Go has all the ITV and C4 channels including Sky Encore which is pay only on Sky.

Having a Freeview app could also cause licence fee issues because if there is a big enough lag some clever lawyer could claim it's not live broadcast which is the requirement for having a TV licence so you could ditch the licence and watch for free. Will leave that debate to the TV licence thread discussion here.
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That rather supports our argument though. If they are happy for freeview to broadcast their to the whole nation, then what difference is there if freeview broadcast by ip instead? Surely iPlayer apps, itv apps, channel 4 apps etc are no different to having a single freeview app? I can see why they wouldn't want their channels broadcast by all and sundry, but surely an amalgamated streaming and catchup service run by the people that transmit the programmes anyway would offer the same protection. As for the license fee argument, you could watch via streaming services, iplayer etc now and argus that it's not live broadcast?

I just find it odd that they are so far behind in an age of Internet tv.
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