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Just lost virtually all respect for Apple's Johnny Ives

This might be well known but maybe I've been living under a rock, but it seems none of his designs are original!

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Poor, poor you.
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So ? There's no such thing as original design - everything is an evolution of what came before. not one of those is a direct copy, but there's strong influence - which is how design works. The devil is in the detail, it's the little tweaks and the modernisation that over time give us something different.
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Re: Just lost virtually all respect for Apple's Johnny Ives

Since when have Apple 'invented' anything recently? Believe it or not Tablets and Data phones existed before the Ipad and Iphone...They made them more attractive and user friendly but didnt invent the world as Apple would have you believe

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No design is original, its all based on what has come before.
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