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[Gig Review] The Gaslight Anthem

Comments attached to the Gig Review 'The Gaslight Anthem' on Music @ The Digital Fix

The Gaslight Blandthem, more like! Gary K. Here all week. Try the chicken, etc....

Click here to read!
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Whilst I agree that Phil does sound like a bit of a ****, I can't help but think that you would've had more fun if you'd tagged along to H's house. I was gutted that I couldn't make this gig, and, at first, I thought I may have missed a bad night at the office. However, anyone that describes "Handwritten" as water-treading doesn't seem to be the best person to take notice of. It seems a bit odd that you complained about the lack of atmosphere whilst also complaining about the people in front being too raucous? You would've been better off just posting a picture of a massive cock with the caption "last one to the moon's a bender." It would have been as relevant.

Farewell, old chap.
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I really enjoyed this gig, felt the atmosphere was electric and totally disagree with this article. This article does not even mention Dave Hause who was an excellent warm up act who really got the crowd going. The fact you left after half an hour to go to the toilet is a disgrace you clearly didnt like Gaslight Anthem from the start and were not willing to even give them a chance. You are clearly biased and this article is not a fair reflection on what was to me a wonderful gig.
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