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The Frankenstein Theory Heavily influenced by the Troll Hunter. Real footage film of annoying people going off to the north pole looking for frankensteins monster. Turns out to be some tallish dude in a fur coat in the 10 seconds of the entire film that you see it. Rubbish. 2/10

Flesh for Fankenstein Influenced by the nasties thread here i thought i would give this a go. I take it Mel Brooks used the pen name of Andy Warhole to make this one and Leslie Nielson wasnt available at the time of casting? I cant for the life of me understand how this made it to a banned list. It does contain the noisiest slurpfest of a "sex scene" commited to celuloid though. it sounds like a fat kid trying for the last vestige of a thick shake at Mc D's 5/10

Ninja Scroll Great little manga cartoon. 8/10
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Re: What were the last 3 films you watched: Thread 3

The Croods - Pretty decent. Stunningly presented, even better than Wreck It Ralph, which itself raised the bar. I preferred it to WIR. 7/10.

Double Jeopardy - Excellent. I hadn't seen it in forever and it's aged very well. 7/10

Fracture - A more modern Double Jeopardy. 7/10.
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The Testament of Dr Mabuse (BD): Brilliant piece of cinema; the commentary is worth listening to (MoC) as it debunks many myths...

Yellow Submarine (BD): Looks gorgeous and is a lovely piece of 60s psychedelia; the soundtrack scrubs up really well and has lost that harshness you used to hear on TV broadcasts.

Ride, Rise, Roar (BD): Great concert film of David Byrne with dancers, each song separated by an interview. Good AV quality but one of the worst designed disks I've come across - very poor.

Made in Dagenham (offair): Colourful and entertaining, if somewhat predictable.

Incredibles (BD): Great fun!

The Pursuit of Happyness (BD): Sombre and unexpectedly low key; nice period detail and good performances from Smith and kid.
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Looper (BD) - Loved it.
Sinister (BD) - Crap. I'm sick of seeing these girly horror flicks. I think I'm growing a vagina.
A Thousand Words (NowTV) - I dunno. Naff but it kept me mildly distracted.
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Jeremiah Johnson 8/10

Argo 6/10

Lincoln 8/10
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Arahan Korean, still good fun but the second half fades a little.

Brotherhood (Taeguki) - wanted to like this more. Korean film-makers tend often wear their hearts on their sleeves and tend to melodrama, which is not a bad thing, but this became a little too over-wrought at times. Found myself laughing at Dramatic Moments.

Death Race 3 Decent production values and a wasted cast in what is bilge.
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Wreck-it Ralph - Wonderful 9/10
Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters - Did what it said on the tin. 8/10
Bourne Legacy - Good continuation of the Bourne series - 7/10

Rise of the Guardians - Pretty good, but could've been better 7/10
Casino Royale - (other half had never seen the new Bond) 7/10
Quantum of Solace - Better Bond 8/10
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This Is 40 - Didn't like it, Apatow goes from bad to worse. 4/10

2001: A Space Odyssey - Really enjoyed it, just a shame it's taken me this long to actually watch it. 8/10

Room 237 - Loved this, eye opening documentary on the hidden meanings people have found in Kubricks masterpiece 'The Shining'. 7/10
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Rocky. I've seen this fairy tale many times and tend to take it for granted - but I was reminded how good it really is. I'll never forget seeing this at the cinema on its first run; people stood up and cheered (spontaneously) when Rocky knocked down Apollo in the first. You don't see that every day.

The Kidnappers. Charming old tale of children who kidnap a baby after their grumpy old bugger of a grandad won't let them have a dog to play with.

The Hunt. Mads Mikkelsen shows why he's one of the best in the business. An innocent teacher's life turns to hell, and paranoia and mob mentality run riot, when a confused child accuses him of abuse. Brilliant.

(End of Watch - I won't count this unwatchable tripe as it got turned off after about 15 mins.)
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John Carter (TV): Don't get the hate for this. Yes, it was too long and dragged a little in the middle but as a Saturday matinee style adventure I enjoyed it 6/10

Battleship (TV): Enjoyable enough but too long. I did love the use of Battleship the game though 5/10

Back to the Future (BD): Flawless. One of a very few perfect movies 10/10

Back to the Future Part II (BD): Great fun, if a little all over the shop 8/10

Back to the Future Part III (BD): More great fun 8/10

The Bourne Identity (BD): Every bit as good as I remembered but the Paris ending is weak 8/10

The Bourne Supremacy (BD): Not as good as I remember but still great 8/10

The Bourne Ultimatum (BD): The most enjoyable of this trilogy if a little bit more daft in places. The Waterloo station sequence is stunning 9/10

The Bourne Legacy (BD): After an incredibly boring first hour (with too much cutting between Jeremy Renner doing nothing much and a ridiculous and overly complicated tie-it-in-with-the-Matt-Damon plot) this turned out to be alright. The house invasion was good but the big chases were very similar to the ones in the previous movies. Good cast though 5/10

The Muppets (TV): Fun but not as good as I expected. Some very funny moments though, and Chris Cooper was fabulous 7/10

Argo (BD): Very tense, very exciting, very funny, cracking performances 8/10

The Man with the Iron Fists - Director's Cut (BD): Good fights, good production design, awesome Russell Crowe performance but otherwise very amateur. Truly woeful script. Passed the time 4/10

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Sightseers - A great dark British comedy, best watched without seeing the trailer as most films are.

Silent Hill Revelation - Utter rubbish, I can't think of anything positive to say about it.

Compliance - Extremely annoying film to watch and was made worse by the fact that it really did happen.
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the hunger games 4/10 running through the woods doesn't necessarily make a good movie

the hobbit 3/10 see above

sightseers 7/10 driving around in a caravan on the other hand...
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The Master

Killing Me Softly

The Blue Angel

I've commented elsewhere on the board about the first two. I watched the first five minutes of The Blue Angel last night, jesus this is a good movie.

The poster of Lola washed down and then the prof looks in the bird cage and the landlady storms in looks at the dead budgie and chucks it in the flaming stove.

It's like a poem with the vivid intensity of a few lines by John Donne.

(I saw this years ago at the Scala in Kings Cross London on a triple bill with Pandora's Box and a third movie I don't remember the name of and the guy I saw it with is dead 10 years so I can't ask him. Does anywhere still put on that kind of scheduling ?)
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Northanger Abbey - Most agreeable 7/10

Mansfield Park - Not as good 5/10

Pride & Prejudice
- I love the series but I think the movie is better. It has all the relevant scenes, it's perfectly cast, the acting is top notch and it's beautifully shot. 9/10 (edit: just want to add that the dvd has a god awful 2 minute anti-piracy advert at the beginning )

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Ted (BD) Great. Wahlberg on top form. 8/10

Tucker & Dale vs Evil (BD) Seen numerous times and the woodchipper scene still cracks me up. 8/10

Jack the Giant Slayer (Cinema) Very pleasantly surprised at much I enjoyed this. Rattled along at a good pace and was a perfect way to keep the kids happy for a couple hours at Easter. 8/10

Three 8's - I'm on a roll

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Fun size it was ok but plays too safe at times

Faster no nonsense. revenge action film, enjoyed it

Silver linings playbook liked it although its bit longer than it should be. Thought deniro was awful but Jennifer Lawrence also good performance by Cooper

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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. Very meh. Jim Carrey rocked though. They should have went for full on R rated raunch with this one.

The Hunt. A very good film about who a false accusation can ruin your life in seconds. Unreal acting from Mads Mikkelson.

Sudden Death. On now. Van Damme has just killed a bloke with a chicken bone to the neck. Says it all.
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The Master - Loved it, Joaquin should have got best supporting actor

Life of Pi - Enjoyed it, but found it a little light.

Zero Dark Thirty - Slow but the last 30 mins were intense.

All watched in-flight.
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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (Cinema) - Funny in places, Jim Carrey stole the show, Steve Carrell the same as always 3/5

Wreck it Ralph (BD) - I really enjoyed it seeing some the characters from games I used to play was a pleasure 4.5/5

Trance (Cinema) - A twisty affair kept me guessing who was good and who was bad. Bonus
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There's no need to spoiler that, it's already got them sticking to their seats in the dedicated thread.
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