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[Feature] Book Review: 100 Animated Feature Films

Comments attached to the Feature 'Book Review: 100 Animated Feature Films' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

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On the other hand there are also those directors whose move into features also saw a shift into live action, as was the case with Frank Tashlin, the Brothers Quay, Walerian Borowczyk or Zbigniew Rybczynski
Actually, Walerian Borowczyk's feature debut, Le Théâtre de M. et Mme Kabal (1967), was entirely animated - so either Osmond hasn't seen it (understandable; I don't think it's had a video release in any medium, and big-screen outings over the last 30 years might well be in single figures), or he didn't rank it as high as his top 100 (equally understandable: it's a mixed bag, and Borowczyk's shorts are far superior).
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I'd completely forgotten about this one - however, Osmond does stipulate that each of his choices should be fairly easy for readers to find (excepting the lost 'El Apostol', of course) so I suspect 'M. et Mme. Kabal' would escape inclusion owing to its rarity.
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I'm the author of the book... Re Mr Brook's point, I was aware of Mme Kabal, but was only ever able to find a few snippets of the film online. I'd certainly be very interested in seeing it in full, given the chance. As a get-out clause, though, I never claim that the films in my book are the hundred _best_ animated films; rather, they're a (hopefully) interesting cross-section, in line with the previous BFI '100' books.
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