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Anyone with experience of using Sonos for music streaming

I've been reading around the Sonos products to allow network and internet music streaming, but I am a little confused as to what I need to buy to get going.

In the short term I am interested in getting network and Internet music sources (most notibly Spotify) into my AV amp, but then possibly buying one of the standalone players for the bedroom.

The thing is that my downstairs is CAT5 cabled, but I have nothing upstairs so would have to use wireless. If I get the ZP90 to connect to the amp, do I then need a ZoneBridge to wirelessly link the standalone player upstairs?

Any pointers would be gratefully received.
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FYI, I've done some research on this and I have confirmed that the ZP90 (unamplified bridge) comes with wireless hosting to allow standalone devices in wireless range to stream music independantly.

Ordered a ZP90 this afternoon which should be here next week. Guess I need to upgrade my Spotify account to Premium.
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A ZP90 is a zoneplayer (unamplified as you say) and acts as a bridge as all Sonos devices do, but the bridges are the BR100s. The ZP90 will be an ideal first Sonos box for your amp and a subsequent S5 would give wireless connectivity to the internet in the bedroom for Spotify to work up there (or any other audio devices in the lounge as the Sonos boxes can wirelessly stream inputs to other Sonos boxes).

Be aware that Sonos' wireless network is proprietary (i.e. not WIFI) and only Sonos devices can stream between themselves. Having said that if you have WIFI anyway other devices (e.g. iPhones) can talk to the Sonos boxes to control them.
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A mate of mine has this and says how great it is - he streams everything from Napster I believe though and that has some streaming performance issues on his broadband (Sky) so it drops a few times a day.
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I got a ZP90 for Christmas and it's excellent. I need to save up for a few more bits now to cover the house.
Dave H
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