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Iplayer not working properly on Ipad - so....

I delete it, go to reinstall it from Itunes and i cant find it.

So i go to PC to resync it and ..... its gone from there too!

Any ideas?

Also, the iplayer website used to play videos on the ipad but now it says i need Flash.

EDIT - sorted the web version, by using safari rather than my other browser.

But cant find APP on the website

Whats going on????

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What iOS version are you on? If you are on 3.2.2 it should be working. There isn't an 'app' as such for it now, you just go to the iPlayer site and it should detect you're on an iPad (www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/bigscreen)

If you're on a developer beta release iPad version, iPlayer won't work on 4.2 beta 2 - you'll need to be on 4.2 beta 3.

Also it's a sod to downgrade to 3.2.2 if you are on 4.2 beta, as I found out yesterday!

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As been mentioned, there's no iplayer app. To get an icon to appear with your apps visit the iplayer site and click the '+' icon to the left of the URL bar in Safari and select 'Add to home screen'.

No idea why it's not working for you though...
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