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A/V Receiver Advice


At the moment, I have a pretty crude setup but it works;

Samsung Plasma
Sony Blu-ray deck

all fed into a Sony RX99 HiFi that's getting on a bit. Everything plays nice because I've set it all up to work off of a Logitech Harmony remote (logitech must save many marriages with their kit )

The current issues are;
  • The TV has to be on for the sound to work as everything routes through the telly via either HDMI or other A/V source and then in to the Sony RX-99 by phono
  • As it's a multi-CD deck - each time it's turned on it scans for disks (which it never has in) which is noisey to say the least
  • My Harmony remote doesn't seem to be able to directly select the "Video" channel which carries a second audio feed from my media server through which I queue up and play music remotely

I'm not looking for an all-singing receiver, just something to route all the sound through without the TV dependency. Ideally a couple of HDMI ports and a few phono's maybe and maybe optical as a bonus

I'm only using 2.0 sound at the moment but scalability would be a bonus as would being able to use my current speakers (simple copper cable+clamp type).

Budget - well, seeing as I'm not trying to do anything great here, as cheap as possible

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This would be the cheapest I'd suggest (With the HD sound for blu-ray anyway)

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Onkyos are ugly *****************!

But everyone I know with them swears by them.
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