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Sky Player - Watch Live Sky TV

If you're a Sky subscriber with the right subscription you can watch all these channels live.

Sky Sports 1
Sky Sports 2
Sky Sports 3
Sky Sports Xtra
Sky Sports News
Eurosport UK
Sky News
National Geographic
Disney Channel

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Yeah, noticed the updated interface the other day.. it's a little nicer than before but still slow. MTV One and a couple of Nickelodeon channels coming soon also - although the only one I would really be bothered about would be Sky One.
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It should be noted that you need a multiroom subscription or be a Sky Broadband Max customer to make use of this.

Customers without multiroom/Sky BB Max can pay an additional subscription fee or watch on demand stuff for free.
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Alan b
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Originally Posted by DJBenson View Post
It should be noted that you need a multiroom subscription or be a Sky Broadband Max customer to make use of this.
I have the full sports package and yet I can't view the sports channels online as I have only the Mid package and not the Max one and I refuse to upgrade to do so.
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The quality on the streams is fantastic as well - was watching a football repeat last week on it and its easily the best quality stream I've seen. Its great for us as my brother can now watch Sky Sports on his PC in his bedroom without now having to get another Sky box/install charge
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Multiroom and/or Broadband Max AND have the appropriate channel subscription.
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sky, SkyPlayer

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