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Advice please on projector

Hi, i have read some posts and looked around but cannot make up my mind.

I want to get a new HD entry level projector

Max throw distance i can achieve is 3.8 meters
conncetions: xbox 360 and ps3 etc
Note: although i place the pj 3.8 maybe 4.6 meters from wall seating will have to be 2-3 meters from wall how will image look??

Im looking at optomoa hd65 and seems ok but would it be better to stretch further and get hd800x. Is 1080p in my size room worth the extra 500!

My friend recoomends and epson what would be good for this room.

I can spend around 500-1000. hopefully less if not worth it.

Please advise this is driving me nuts

Many thanks
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If you take The HD65 as an example and your projector positioning, you're looking at an image that's going to around 2.24m x 1.26m (2.57m diagonal) with 1:1 zoom. Mask out that area on your wall and see what you think. Are you the kind of person who likes to sit really close to the screen at the cinema? If you are going to be sitting that close, then I would say you should try and maximise the quality of the pictures from the PS3 and go for a full hd model ( - regardless, you are going to have to accept some of the variability from SD content especially, as it will more noticable when 'blown up').

Therefore I would go and audition the likes of the Infocus X10 and Optoma hd800x. They would both give you a smaller minimum screen size of 1.71m x 0.96m (1.96m diagonal) at your distance of 3.8m which is still quite large given your viewing distance (unless you are able to ceiling mount it a bit closer for example). 3 to 6 times the screen width is a general recommendation.


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If you are (as you seem to be) considering DLP and LCD models, I highly recommend you ensure, before buying - i.e. by demonstration - that you, and anyone (in your family, say) who will share your projector with you, isn't affected by the Rainbow Effect which is peculiar to DLP models.

Many people have no idea what this is, and, for them, it is no issue. But a small proportion of people find DLP models uncomfortable and some are even nauseated.

Take a long demonstration; if you find yourself becoming uncomfortable or "strained" (or worse) while watching, then discount this technology and focus on LCD.

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I would go for the Optoma HD700 rather than the HD65 if still looking at it. The specs are near identical and any differences is not noticeable. The HD700 even comes up as a HD65 when attached to a computer. The best bit it the HD700 looks nice in black and can be bought under Ł380.

Pic of my one.


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NEED more help. optomoa hd800x

Hi, i finally took the plunge and got a optoma hd800x.

Its looked great until i noticed an area on the right that shows up when theres black. Its like a white smudge or blur. I thought it may be on the lense but i cant see anything and lol nearly burnt my eyes out when i got to close. Its not huge but annoying since pj cost money and want a perfect image.

I will hopefulyl post some pics when i get my cam back

Current settings are out of the box, onto a 106" panoview although im not using the full size as i dont have enough throw distance. it came free with the projector.

Ive tested other inputs and stil the same white smudge, is it solvable or do i have to send back to dabs or even optoma.
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its probably a dust blob, you should be able to get it out yourself by cleaning it.
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optomoa, Projector

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