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What home cinema system?

I'm looking to finally get a surround system for my lcd tv! Can anyone recomend a good system? Would really like it to be Samsung so it's in keeping with the tv! Already have a samsung dvd player so only need the speakers etc, unless there is a package with a hd player, also want to use it to play my laptop trough as well!

So.... any thoughts?


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As far as I remember, Samsung don't do any home theatre systems that aren't part of a dvd package (- with the surround decoding and amp built into the same box); I wouldn't generally recommend an all-in-one package though, because of the limited range of connections and that they're hard to upgrade.

Samsung do a couple of standalone av amp though which you could package with any number of different 5.1 surround speaker packages. The AV-R720 is their higher end amp capable of handling 'hi def' surround sound formats like TrueHD, DTS- HD and Dolby Digital Plus providing they're decoded by the player although it otherwise has quite a limited range of connections (which may or not be important hence the question about whether you have any additional sources below).

What's your overall budget and how big is your room? Any preference for stand mounted or wall mounted speaker? What about other sources? i.e. do you plan to use it just with your Samsung dvd player? (if would probably help if you posted the model in order to check whether it has optical or coax digital surround sound output).

It's a bit early for systems with a hd (i.e. blu ray) players (- again, mentioning the AV-R720 amp it's the model Samsung specifically released to match the styling of their blu-ray players). Only Sony have one right now I think; the HTP-BD2RSF (broadly speaking it's a bundle with the BDP-S300 blu ray player).

If you'll looking for a Bluray player I would wait until the autumn for the new Sony models as they should have sorted out all the profiles and decoding by then. Alternatively one of the new Panasonic models due by the end of year, providing they're not too expensive. Either that, or pick up a PS3 plus remote control now even if you have no plans to use it as a games console as well. It makes for a responsive and upgradeable blu ray experience.


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