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8mm fish on 1.6x crop VS 15mm fish on FF

Anyone know how these two compare?

I got fed up of having to crop most of the photos i'm taking with my 8mm fish on my 400d so have ordered the canon 15mm fish! I also intend to upgrade to full frame in the near future...

Should i keep the 8mm for extreme fishyness or flog it for some extra cash?

p.s. has everyone seen the 1DS MKIII? :o) and the 40D at long last!
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The 15mm FF fish won't be very "fishy" on a DX crop camera, but if you're going to upgrade to a FF camera (5D?) then you may as well flog the 8mm if you don't like the circular fisheye lenses.
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It'll still be fishy? i.e. not square field of view, but will cover 22-23mm instead of 12.
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