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Looking for a projector - advice please !

I'm looking to buy a projector for the following use:

- Input from a DVD player so main use for films
- Some (not a lot) Internet browsing
- No HD or Blu-ray needed
- Some (minimal) presentations from a lap-top
- Some daytime use but with curtains/blinds closed
- No sound output needed (handled via DVD player or lap-top)

It will normally be used in a room that's about 3-4M square

Budget of not more than £500 (less would be good )

Any ideas ?

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Tony Ferrino
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If you're only looking at standard definition then the world's your oyster, really. Any of the top-rated "last-gen" projectors can be had for peanuts if you shop around, for instance there's a Panasonic PT AE500 on ebay for £300 at the mo, and that's high definition. Look at old reviews for Panasonic, Sanyo, Sony, Epson, Infocus to name a few. I used to have a Panny PT AE100E which I loved until I upgraded to a 900E - unfortunately there's always something better, isn't there?

One thing I would say is that a SD projector will not look pretty for the web stuff.

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