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Some Projector Advice Please....

Hi all,

I have just recently bought myself a Toshiba SD-900E DVD player for use with my Rear Projection TV, only to find out that the TV does not support Component-Progresive but only Component-Interlaced.

So I am thinking of buying myself a Projector so i can benifit from Progressive scan DVD, But I know nothing about Projectors at all. So any advice would be a great help. The only requirement I have is that the Projector must have a Component-Progresive input.

I also know that they are expensive (£1,200 +). My buget is about £2000 or so.

Thanks for any Help you can give.

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Have a trek over to the forums on http://www.homecinemachoice.com/ where they have a specific board for projectors also it might be worth having a look at these sites aswell


Hope this helps and if you find any other useful links could you post them here?
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i've heard good reports about the SONY HS1, and it's available for about £1,700 i think.
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I saw the HS1 back in November and it's OK, but not great. I was comparing it to the VW10 (£3,400) though.

The VW10/11 uses a true 16x9 LCD panel so the image is much better than the 4x3 HS1.

There are other projectors which use 16x9 too: Toshiba MT7 1280x768 (£3,700) and Sanyo PLV60, 1366x768 (£4,777).

If it's quality you're after, you have to spend money!

I'm going for the Sony VW11 at £4,200.
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Having been seriously thinking about this too for the last month, and spending more time than I care to think about it researching on the internet. It is a minefield, and there are so many projectors out there that it would be foolish to rush into anything. Get to grips with terminology; lumens, contrast ratio, throw, 3:2 pulldown, etc. The types; LCD, DLP and CRT. How much you want it to affect your life; can you see yourself having a ceiling mounted 65kg CRT projector? Or would a coffee table top A4 sized LCD or DLP be a better bet? Don't forget a screen, or to budget for the cost of replacement lamps, lamp life varies from 1000-6000 hrs and the cost of lamp replacement £150 to £500+ (these figures are probably better known by existing owners). One projector I looked at had a lamp life of 1000 and the bulbs cost £530, but even then you could watch 500 2 hour movies for just over £1 (in lamp cost) a time - you may want to start charging at the door!!

I'm a way off making a choice yet (I've still to see any in action - which has to be a must), and expect to pay £1600-£2000 for my first projector (perhaps in a few years I can think of spending more). Among those I am blindly considering are the (progressive scan capable) Sanyo PLV-30, the Hitachi PJ-LC2001 and the soon to be released Dreamvision CineXOne.

If you specifically want a projector that will cope with progressive scan, I think it will probably stretch you to the limit of your budget. Other sites worth visiting would be AVForums UK based with projector forum, the US sister site AVSForum or the US AV Science. A good site to give you an idea of prices and specs for many LCD and DLP projectors is Projected Image.
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Usefull Link

found the Web page it helped me so here it is,


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