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Playing music on speakers in another room from PC

I want to use a PC in the study to send mp3s to speakers in another room wirelessly and without the use of a hifi. What is the best way of going about this. Also, if I was to use the PC in the study as a media centre PC how could I wirelessly send the signal to a TV in another room?

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Musically, look at the wireless audio devices such as the Slimdevices Squeezebox, Roku Soundbridge, Netgear MP101 or Terratec Noxon.

These play music wirelessley from a pc, simply attach some active speakers and away you go.

If you need any advice on these, drop me an email (andrew at audiofi.co.uk)

There are similar devices for video, but I haven't tried any myself

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Andrew summed up the music part pretty well, though I'll just add that there are a few compact speaker packages you might want to look into - the new Aego M series speakers are a good choice if you don't mind a separate subwoofer. (about £99). I use a set of the old version of these with my Sqeezebox and they're a nice balance between size and sound quality. Alternatively, the low cost option if you don't need anything that goes too loud is creative labs TravelSound 200 or similar (- about £30 upwards or a bit more if you also buy the optional A/C power adapter). As you can imagine from the size, they're a bit bass light but are clear and they sit nicely on top of 'boxy' players like the Netgear MP101. I got my sister a set of these and she seems happy with the sound quality. Final choice if you want something a bit more 'hi-fi' but without needing a separate amplifier would be a set of Edirol MA-7A or 15D speakers (- the latter are larger).

Now onto the media centre part - do you mean a pc running Windows Media Center Edition 2005? If so, the logical choice would be to connect your television to a media extender device as you can then run Microsoft media connect on your PC. On the television, you'll then be able to pause/record live tv (- especially useful with dual tuners) and access the same video that's available on your PC; unfortunately not divx though. Media extender devices right now basically means Xbox 360 or the soon to be released Linksys Wireless A/G media center extender. Whether this is ideal for you really really depends on what you want to achieve. As well as that, there is also an Xbox running media extender although you'll have to look on Ebay for things like this as it's not officially available in the UK.

There are also non MCE devices if you want to concentrate purely on streaming video or accessing photos. For instance the Dlink DSM-320 or a modified Xbox. The problem with these I found is that there tend to be limits to the formats you're able to stream so having investigated a lot of these options I decided to build a cheap secondary PC which I networked to my keyboard/screenless media server PC (- a cheap Celeron processor is all it needed, along with several large hard disks) - when I need to I can 'remote desktop' to it - this is by far the most flexible option but like I said it really depends on what you're trying to achieve.


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Some good suggestions from Robert there, the Acoustic Energy speakers are excellent value for money and look good on the shelf. I supplied a set of the previous AEGO 2's to a client buying a Terratec Noxon and they were certainly much better built than the price would imply!

The Edirol's are more neutral as they are designed for studio use, the 15D's are extremely bassy for the size, I have a set I use for demo'ing the music players and haven't been disappointed.

Either of those would be excellent at £100ish
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