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Noise Cancelling Headphones £14.99

At Maplin £14.99, Reduced from £29.99

Reduces background noise by over 70% (12dB) Have peace and quiet on planes, trains and buses when travelling Aids sleeping in noisy environments, including hotels, vehicles, dormitories, etc. Ideal at work to shut off outside noise, allowing you to concentrate New lightweight, foldable design saves space when travelling

Everybody knows how hard it is to get to sleep while travelling on planes, buses or trains, but with these headphones getting to sleep has never been easier. By reducing the amount of outside noise, that is sensed by a built-in microphone that then sends an equal, but opposite, cancelling signal to the headphones, it ensures a quieter more peaceful atmosphere to aid sleep. These headphones have the added benefit of being lightweight and foldable, which makes them ideal for travel as they are able to fit in small places. The noise cancelling on/off switch is located on the left side of the headphones. Accessories include a carrying pouch and dual plug (aeroplane) adaptor.

Search for WN97F - affiliate link below
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There's been loads of these on the bargain shelf at my local asda for ages now, priced at about 9.99 I think (may be 8 quid).
I could be wrong though.

BTW The asda is Pilsworth, so if anyone is going soon and would like to take a detour up that aisle to check

Edit : Not sure what make they are though, just noise cancelling jobbies.

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been that price for months

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