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Which sub £200 camera....

Ok, basically my 2mp Canon A60 is getting a little tired, and I feel like an upgrade.

Basically the camera will most probably be used in an everyday way, BUT it is important to me that I get very good quality photos in low light / fairly long distance conditions (gigs!) I'd maybe like to get into messing around with the camera and learning more too (I think my A60 offers more features than most?) although the Auto mode has done me proud. (I've used manual mode for a no flash gig and got some decent results without really having a clue what i'm doing....)

I like the performance of my Canon and it's usability and i've been looking at 3 Canons in particular...

The A95 (5mp 3x optical zoom)
I presume this will perform as my A60 does, but obviously with higher resolution images.

The A520 (4mp 4x optical zoom)
Taken by the fact it has a slightly bigger zoom and in actual size is still a pretty small camera

The Powershot S1 IS (3.2mp, 10x optical zoom)
mp rating not much higher than my A60, but 10x zoom.......
It seems to be similar dimensions to the A60, but twice the depth. I am a little worried about sneaking it into gigs...

Or indeed, are there any others people would recommend me?

I heard the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P200 is good, and is £240 on amazon, I might stretch to that as its 7mp...

Any advice would be great

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I've seen the powershot S1 IS and it is a bit big I would think if you want to sneak it into gigs. The Panasonic Lumix range are smaller and if you can stretch to £275 you can get the Z5 from electrosaver and that offers 5mp, 12x zoom (Image stabilisation).

Have you considered an ixus? The 500 gives 5mp and 3X optical Zoom and can be had for about £200.
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To be honest, anything you've mentioned is going to struggle in low-light/long distance conditions. Your best bet is something like SSB mentions, with a long and fast lens to make the most of ambient light. Flash will be next to useless at a gig.
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Thanks for the info guys. I'm looking into the Panasonic Lumix FZ5 now. It is a little more than I wass looking to pay, but with the 512mb SD card at mymemory (If i can get the site to work) for 21 quid that's not so bad. (I had somehow thought a 1/2 gig card for a camera would set me back 50 or 60 quid!)

There is a couple of guys selling Fz5s for a good price on eBay, but i'm not sure I want to import something like this, I dont suppose anyone knows if a Hong Kong / US warranty would be fulfilled in the UK?

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