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Sports players, whats your pre match meal, footballers, rugby players esp.

Whats your re match meal on the day of your game etc. Say if your playing at 2.30pm what would you eat that day.

Ive always thought toast, beans and scrambled egg is a good high carb meal before a game 10am ish.

I used to think sweet stuff but ive heard that just gives you an instant energy rush and then a lull afterwards. Oh and my sport is rugby league.

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When I play football on a sunday morning I normally have Toast and beans, about 2 hours before kick off, and I also have a bannana nearer the kick off time.
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I eat very little, I dunno why, but it seems to take ages for anything I eat to be digested. What I make sure that I do though, is to drink lots and lots of water. I mean tonnes of water.

One thing I always avoid now is anything with pasta before I play sport (even if I'm going to play in the evening - I'll avoid pasta the whole day). It seems to make me feel really sluggish and I have no idea why.

My usual sport is football, although I play a bit of tennis, rugby and basketball.
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