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How Many Extra Minutes Does R2 "24" Have Per Episode?...

I know I should maybe do a search, but looking for something so specific is hard to find in a search.

Anyways, I have "24" R1, and love it, and am thinking about possibly buying the R2 (and maybe just selling R1) since I heard there are more scenes available. I checked online, and it stated the R1 has about 1152 minutes, while the R2 has 1440! How can this be?! Is there really that big a difference??

Either way, can someone state if there are extra scenes on the R2 dvd in EACH epsiode, or just selected ones?

Is it worth another purchase to see and own?

Also, if I'm buying the set online (since I live in the States), is there a way I will know I'm getting the set with the extra scenes?

Lastly, how much did you pay for your R2 set and where did you buy it (if online)?

Any other info is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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The 1440minute one is a crock, thats precisely 24hours. Runtimes for tv series as quoted on the box/on retailers aren't reliable, they tend to round up the average episode length which is then multiplied up, producing massively inaccurate figures.
The R1 figure is definitely out as well, that has an average ep length of 48mins, your lucky if a US "1 hour" drama clears 45mins once the adverts aren't there, the celebrated 5 minute longer version of Buffys Once More With Feeling was (IIRC) 49mins in NTSC.
Anyway, to the issue at hand. We are really talking about only seconds mostly, affecting only the last 2 discs. There are only 2 extensions of note, Nina's and Terry's talk towards the end of ep 25 contains an important extra few lines which put extra spin on the ending of 26, and the final shootout at the docks is longer.
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You just missed http://www.choicesdirect.co.uk selling 24 for £24.99 Current cheapest suppliers are http://www.101cd.com who are selling it for £32.99 (although not sure if they ship to the US -- in any case have a look at http://www.********************* and look through the R2 suppliers). I bought it from Choices in the offer and got the v2 discs (as the first release had the shorter US versions on the last two discs). It might be worth checking with online stores if they'll swap the discs for you if you happen to receive the old discs as I'm not sure if Fox would be willing to swap yours.


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Yeah Mr. Nice, whole 2 more episodes are added, 25 and 26, Attack of The Other Dimension with 26 hour days!

I'd like to just buy the last 2 discs, maybe someone on ebay sells them.
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R2 has 90secs per episode on the last 2 discs extra over R1.
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Does anyone here live in the States yet bought the R2 version?
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