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[Capsule Review] The Ready Stance

Comments attached to the Capsule Review 'The Ready Stance' on Music @ The Digital Fix

With so many bands peddling this kind of raucous, bar-room alt-rock/Americana to great effect, you have to be pretty damn good to make any kind of impact. Sadly, and with the exception of the rather fine, twangy opener ‘Rancho Cristo’, Damndest is one of those albums that is unlikely to win o...

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I'm also a music writer and actually stumbled upon this review while researching the same band for an upcoming poetry journal. Although the author's entitled to dismiss the sound, it seemed rather cursory and was clear he had not listened /read /considered the lyrical content of this album, which is exceedingly strong. I cannot think of another recent release in which every track has distinct, worthwhile narrative. Mr. Belton has seemingly thrown out the baby with the bathwater here by discouraging readers from exploring songs that actually have meaning, unlike most of the phonetic self-indulgent rubbish lyrics by the artists praised here. I was notably refreshed and inspired to finally hear intelligent pop, which Mr. Belton evidently did not explore beyond a knee-jerk reaction. For shame.
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