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Recently watched films.....

Just thought id list what i have watched recently and what i thought of them

Kill Bill 1 Was quite good to begin with then got boring, and quite wierd, Although i would say that uma is still on top form with her acting

Kill Bill 2 Just boring boring boring, but then thats quentin tarintino for you as most people enjoyed this film tremendously

Cody banks Secret agent 2(dont ask) Watched with younger bro+sis quite enjoyable as it happens for a family film. Should really really be a disney film as its all sort of fluffy For those that dont know its got that bloke of malcolm in the middle as the main role - Frankie Muniz

The Punisher - Excellent film IMO with John John Travolta as the bad guy and some guy i dont know as the goodie who turns into a vigilante after Travolta and all his goons kill all his family and i mean all his family. PLenty of shooting and bone crunching. Based on a character in Marvel Comics

Apocolypse now. Most overrated film of all time, the beginning is very good and then just goes down hill from there. I thought i would get it as so many people rate it but i was deeply dissapointed

No watching Dreamcatcher which seems quite good so far 45 mins through btw


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