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LA Confidential: Book vs. Film (spoilers for both)

Over my holiday I read LA Confidential, mainly because the extras on the DVD mentioned how the book was much more densely plotted, and yet the film had been impressive in boiling it down.

I picked up the 'Dudley Smith Trio' single volume, which comprises 'The Big Nowhere', 'LA Confidential' and 'White Jazz'; it was only while reading LA Confidential that I discovered this represents (bizarrely) the last three of the LA Quartet, which begins with 'Black Dahlia'.

That aside, I've now read The Big Nowhere and LA Confidential, and I don't think I've ever seen quite such a difference between book and film before. Both are excellent IMO, but it's interesting that the entirity of the Rollo Tomassi twist of the movie is not present in the book.

James Ellroy's style is interesting and he really seems to write as if he is in the 50's. It's good to see the two compliment each other so well, and I guess it's clear to see how the various plots not only couldn't be included into LA Confidential as a movie (because they'd probably have made it an 'X'!), and would have dragged the film's pace down also.

What did others think, particularly those who'd read the book in advance of the film?
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