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Originally posted by DunkWho
Not make sense in that you don't follow my comments ... or not make sense in that you don't think the way it works is right?

1) wire it all up
2) sit down, run the tests, adjust the individual volumes so that they all sound the same to you in your viewing spot - this kind of balances out left\right setup especially with the tv in the corner, also allows me to weight the rears given that they're sitting behind the sofa
3) finish the test mode, use the main volume to adjust all normal listening - the individual increases & decreases are taken into account to maintain your relative setup.

I started with everything mid way ... sub is then down a couple cos otherwise its too noisey and farty, centre is up a couple, one of the fronts up 1 cos it sits slightly hidden behind a sofa, rear left is up 1 cos i sit right above rear right and need to make them balanced.

works for me !

Your previous comment just did not make sense as in, I did not under stand the sentance.

Above makes it clear as day.
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