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Help a newbie upgrade from 2.1 sound

At the moment I have a toshiba SD330E dvd player with some creative 2.1 digital speakers plugged into it.

I have to have the player quite loud to be able to tell the speech from the sound effects. I'd like a sound setup that makes the speech clearer and I know absolutely nothing about sound setups so can you guys help me?

Now as I understand it, if you have a centre speaker - speech comes out of that? So really, thats all I think I need to add. But there's no obvious connections for this on the player and who ever heard of 3.1 sound??

So I guess I need some kind of amplifier that supports more speakers? If I got a 5.1 amp and only plugged in 3.1 speakers... would it work? If I went for 5.1 (which I don't really want to) I'd need wireless rear speakers or something... does such a thing exist??

I assume that when I play a 5.1 disc on 2.1 - it puts the lot through 2 speakers (is this correct?). If I had 3.1 would it do the same? Or would it expect 2 rear speakers and I'd lose sound I'm currently getting through a 2.1 setup?

Hows it work if its only a stereo disc? Does it just play out of 2 or does it do something clever with the other speakers?

Finally... can anyone recommend any kit? I'd like to keep using my existing 2.1 speakers as fronts. So I think all I need is an amp (preferably with digital in (either) and coax digital out) and a centre speaker. And rear speakers if they are a must. Not anything too costly, I'm not bothered about fancy branding. £100-£150 tops but the cheaper the better

Please remember that my sole requirement is to make speech clearer. One of ears is better than the other (walkman too loud as a kid i guess!) so fancy 3d sound effect placement is lost on me as I can't easily tell where sound comes from anyway!

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