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Yeh everyone else would just keep updating them until they stopped working on their own.
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Stagger Lee
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So I was forced to update my app from the old one to S1 and then, a few days later, to S2 and S2 is utter dog****. The reviews tell it all.

Annoyingly I then found out I could have kept the old S1 on most of my stuff and just had S2 for my Beam. If they don't fix it in the next few days I will be factory resetting the whole lot and doing the dual set up from scratch.

No chance on earth I'm buying any more stuff from them if they don't sort themselves out.
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Stevie G
Dazed and confused
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I decided to stuck with S1 for the time being. The only improvement u could see was being able to create groups but as it's easy enough to group rooms on demand I'll stick with S1 for now. Only my old gen 1 play 5 is incompatible but if rather stick with the old one until they've ironed out bugs in the new one
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Yeah, what an utter mess. I'm having loads of issues with my setup at the moment, and it's almost all upgraded to S2 compatible kit.

THere's no alternative though (really, there isn't) and basically they know it.
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I've left all my gear on S1 and I've seen no reason to upgrade to S2 at all.

I'm running ONEs and Play:1's. Is there *anything* it does that S1 doesn't do?
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